El XENAX® XVI 75V8S es la nueva versión del modelo XENAX® XVI 75V8.

Incluye todas las funcionalidades del modelo anterior.

Permite realizar mediciones de fuerza más precisas con el amplificador Signateq® y un sensor de fuerza externa.

Especificaciones XENAX® XVI 75V8S

Power supply voltage U: 12-75 VDC
Nominal current In: 0-8 A
Peak power Ip: 18 A
Motor types: LINAX®,ELAX®,ROTAX®
Temperature monitoring power amplifier: Shutdown at 80°C
Overvoltage monitoring: > 85 V
Undervoltage monitoring: < 10 V
PLC Input: 8 x 24 V
PLC Input BCD: 4 x 24 V, Binary coded to Program selection
PLC Output: 8 x 24 V, Source 100 mA, Sink 400 mA, Source/Sink
Force functions: Enabled by default
SMU Safety Functions: STO, SS1, SS2, SLS
Bus modules EtherCAT (CoE), POWERLINK (CoP), CANopen, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET (PROFIdrive)

Comparativa XENAX® XVI 75V8S - XENAX® XVI 75V8

75V8 75V8S
Webbased for WebMotion® Java HTML5
Measurement amplifier Signateq® for external force sensor, precise force measurement YES
Optimized output stage for minimum space requirement (waste heat), arrangement directly next to each other possible YES
Changeover when connecting third-party motors DIP – Switch Automaticallly
Position detection prepared for absolute encoder YES
USB-Interface YES
RS-232-interface YES Optional
Pulse/direction YES Optional
Second encoder YES Optional
Case Aluminium Chromium Steel
Weight 515 g 840 g